Suhagra Duralong Spray

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Suhagra Duralong Spray

Most men face the problem of erectile dysfunction or male impotence once or occasionally in their lifetime. However, it is not worrisome when faced sometimes, but if you are facing it often, it is an area of concern. People facing this chronic disorder feel shy to share or consult the doctor, but doing so will only worsen their sexual life. If you are facing this condition of premature ejaculation then visit the doctor promptly and start your treatment.

What is Suhagra Duralong Spray?

Which is a new-age solution for the problem of premature ejaculation, ED disorder, and other male sexual problems. It is a powerful medication in the form of a spray. It contains Lidocaine/Lignocaine as an ingredient. It is also referred to as a local anesthetic to numb the specific sensitive parts of the body to enhance sexual pleasure.

Which is manufactured by Cipla Ltd. in India. It is different than other forms of erectile dysfunction medications like tablets, jelly, or powder sachets. It is a reliable and widely used new-age solution for all ejaculation-related problems.

How Suhagra Duralong Spray Works?

This medicine comes in spray form. It is an anesthetic spray used to numb specific sensitive parts of the body. Once applied it creates a sense of numbness on the applied part and makes it insensitive for the time being. Thus, it decreases the pain sensation and you can enjoy the pleasurable time longer.

How to Use Suhagra Duralong Spray?

Apply medicine 2-3 times from a distance on the penis head. Once applied you will feel a little tingle and burn-like sensation, but only briefly. Afterward, you will be normal and enjoy sexual intercourse. Unlike other medications, it should be applied 5-10 minutes before the sex and you can easily last for up to 3-4 hours.

Side-Effects Suhagra Duralong Spray

You should take ED medications only after proper examination and under the prescribed dosage. When using Suhagra Duralong Spray you may feel burning, itching, irritation, and redness on the applied part for a short period. In case of feeling uneasy or uncomfortable, visit a doctor promptly.

Warnings and Precautions

Other medications:

Before taking Suhagra Duralong 10% Spray, inform your doctor about all other medication usage, including the use of herbs and supplements, to exclude any possibility of a combination.

Malignant hyperthermia:

When using this medication, a person may have significant muscle discomfort and a sharp rise in body temperature. When this condition appears for the first time, the tablet should be stopped.

Irritation of the eyes or ears:

This tablet’s topical version shouldn’t be used in areas of the skin that are cracked or the eyes. If this pill comes into contact with your eyes, wash them with water right away.

Problems related to teething:

This medication should not be used to treat children’s or newborns’ teething pain. When used to relieve teething pain, this medication can seriously harm the heart and brain.

Food and topical anesthetics:

If this medication is applied to the mouth or throat, it is best to consume food an hour later. This tablet may make it more difficult to swallow, increase the risk of aspiration, and cause tongue biting.

Kidney impairment:

Patients who are not able to function their kidneys normally should use this pill with caution. Throughout treatment, appropriate dose modifications and kidney function monitoring are recommended.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the duration of the Suhagra Duralong Spray’s effectiveness?

The numbing effect of cipla Suhagra duralong spray takes three to five minutes to manifest after application at the beginning of medical treatment.

Is the spray Suhagra Duralong toxic?

Suhagra Duralong Spray is typically safe to use if used as prescribed by your doctor or under the supervision of a physician. However using more than is advised could result in several dangerous health problems, including swallowing numbness in the mouth and throat. This may result in choking episodes or trouble swallowing.

What is the duration of action for lidocaine?

The numbing effect of lidocaine is applied at the beginning of a medical operation, and it takes three to five minutes to take effect.

Is it okay for me to take this medication before I eat?

A minimum of sixty minutes should elapse between using drugs and then consuming food.

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Suhagra Duralong Spray
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