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Fildena 150

Sexual inability or male impotence is a problem mostly found in old-age males due to a decrease in testosterone levels as age increases. However, due to hectic lifestyles and unhealthy habits, it is increasing among adults too. Most people suffering from ED disorder feel shy about sharing the same with their partner or to discuss with the doctor.

However, it should be highlighted that concealing or running away from such an issue will not assist and will put your sexual life and relationship at risk. If you are also one suffering from such a disorder then consider taking Fildena 150.

What Is Fildena 150?

Fildena 150 mg is considered a one-shot solution for those suffering from sexual inability or male impotence. It is an FDA-approved and medically tested drug that treats the ED disorder most efficiently and naturally without making you addicted to it. Which is to use sildenafil as a primary ingredient in the powerful 150 mg dosage. Regardless of age or disorder, this fantastic drug works best for everyone. The company Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Makes Fildena.

How does Fildena 150 mg work?

Fildena 150mg uses sildenafil citrate as a primary ingredient in the 150 mg dosage. It is an excellent class 5 PDE inhibitor. Which is FDA an approved drug. Once inside the system, it raises the concentration of cGMP. Nitric oxide inside the body helps in the removal of clogged arteries and blood vessels.

By calming the muscles and tissues surrounding the pelvic area, it works. This helps in the proper contraction and expansion of blood vessels. As the blood vessel functions properly it maintains proper blood flow to the penis during sexual intercourse making it rock hard. And erect for a longer duration of time and helps you enjoy the pleasurable time.

Dosage Directions

Always take the Fildena 150 mg tablet as prescribed by your doctor and do not overdose or underdoes. It should be noted that Erectile Dysfunction medicines must only be taken after proper consulting with the doctor. Always take the medicine with normal water and take it as a whole without breaking it or chewing it. Do not take the tablet with fruit juices or with alcohol.

Always try to take the medicine after a light meal or on an empty stomach and avoid taking it after a heavy or fatty meal.

How Is Fildena 150 Taken?

Fildena pills are only to be prescribed by a physician. You can achieve strong, long-lasting erections with this medication that are capable of penetrating. Finding the right dosage for you is essential before using this medication.

One needs to speak with a professional to grasp medicinal dosages properly. The dosage that is best for you will be prescribed by the doctor. You’ll move through a series of assessments. The doctor needs to know the full medical history of the patient before recommending a dosage. You need to let your doctor know what dosage is most effective for you.

Side-Effects of Fildena 150

Fildena 150 mg tablet ED medicine does come with some sort of side-effects that need to be considered before starting the medication. You may experience these side effects from mild to severe, but in case you feel uncomfortable then you should immediately contact your doctor. Headache, nausea, skin flush, blurred vision, heartburn, hearing loss, fainting, diarrhea, muscle aches, etc. If you are suffering from any cardiovascular diseases, heart-related diseases, or liver. Or kidney-related diseases then you should avoid taking the medication as it will harm your health adversely.


Consult your doctor about any drug allergies you may have before taking Fildena 150mg tablets for your ED problem. This is because men who are sildenafil allergic should never take Fildena by accident.

A few inactive chemicals in this medication may trigger adverse reactions in certain individuals who are sensitive to them. Additionally, if you have a history of drug allergies, Fildena purple may include some inactive components that you are allergic to.

If you are on any drugs, please let your doctor know before using this purple Viagra pill. This is because Fildena is not recommended for people who are already using nitrate or alpha-blocker drugs. Ultimately, they operate antagonistically when combined with sildenafil citrate.

Nitrates or alpha-blockers, when used with Fildena 150mg tablet, can lower blood pressure to potentially dangerous levels. Patients who used Fildena combined with nitrates or alpha-blockers reported experiencing hypotension.

Tell your doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions, such as Peronei’s disease, bleeding disorders, blood dyscrasias, liver or renal disease, heart disease, or peptic ulcer.

Fildena purple pill should not be used by men who are advised to abstain from sexual activity because of cardiovascular risk.

If you take any herbal supplements or items, let your doctor know before using this ED medication. It’s crucial to consult your doctor before taking Fildena tablets because, in addition to synthetic medications, several herbal supplements and items could also contain nitrates.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does Fildena 150 mg cost?

This medication is not too pricey. Additionally, you will save more money when you purchase Fildena 150 online from

How is Fildena 150 ordered online?

At, Fildena 150 mg is available for a reasonable online purchase.

How long does the 150 mg of Fildena work?

The Fildena 150 mg tablet will begin to show effects in 30 minutes, and it will take an hour for the medication to have full action.

Does Fildena 150 need to be taken daily?

No, it is not recommended to take Fildena Extra Power 150 daily. It must only be taken as directed by the physician.

What is the duration of the 150 mg Fildena tablet’s effect?

The effects of Fildena red typically last for four to six hours. Individual reactions, however, could differ. It is essential to adhere to recommended parameters and seek individual advice on dosage and duration from a healthcare provider.

Is it okay to take booze with a Fildena 150 mg tablet?

When using Fildena sildenafil citrate, alcohol use should be minimized or avoided. Drinking alcohol may make adverse consequences like High blood pressure or dizziness more likely. Combining the two could impair your coordination and judgment. For advice that is specific to you and your health, speak with your healthcare professional.

Always Buy Fildena online from us at the best rate and for genuine products. Read the Fildena 150 reviews for a better understanding of the product.

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Fildena 150

  1. Lucille Hall

    I used to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Then I used Fildena 150 pills. Right now I am relieved of the ED problem and I can enjoy my sex life. You should visit today to take this medicine

  2. Kristine Spears

    Cheapest price for a quality drug. Absolutely placing another order from Many thanks

  3. Kay Judge

    Fidlena 150 is the best product. The quality of the store product is very good and using the product of this store has got the quick result my suspicion.

  4. Bruce Greer

    I’ve been purchasing Fildena 150 for a long time to treat impotence. This medication has effectively treated my erectile dysfunction. This store provides effective results, decent service, and speedy shipping. You should take the drug from here once.

  5. Erna Jude

    For the previous three years, I had been taking ED medication. It has had a profound impact on my life. It has had a significant effect on my health because I took the medication as directed. The highest-quality corporation drug can be found at In my life, the issue of sex has long since been resolved.

  6. Robert Acosta

    I was unable to sustain an erection due to erectile dysfunction, and I am thirty years old. When I saw my general practitioner, he recommended Fildena 150. I’m also ecstatic! utilize this medication so that my erection lasts longer!

  7. Rebecca Thompson

    For a very long time, I have been purchasing medications from pharmacy. This pharmacy offers excellent service, and the product is reasonably priced. I was able to swiftly overcome my ED issue.

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