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UsesErectile dysfunction
Generic DrugsSildenafil Citrate
ManufacturerCenturion Lab
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Cenforce 100
Cenforce 100
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Cenforce 150
Cenforce 150
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Cenforce 200
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Cenforce 25
Cenforce 25
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Cenforce D
Cenforce D
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40 Tablet/s$58$1.45
80 Tablet/s$115$1.43
120 Tablet/s$171$1.42
160 Tablet/s$224$1.40
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buy Cenforce 50 Mg
Cenforce 50
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Cenforce 120
Cenforce 120
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buy Cenforce Professional
Cenforce Professional
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Cenforce Soft
Cenforce Soft
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120 Tablet/s$100$0.83
150 Tablet/s$123$0.82
200 Tablet/s$160$0.80
350 Tablet/s$266$0.76
Cenforce FM 100
Cenforce FM 100
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90 Tablet/s$78$0.86
120 Tablet/s$101$0.84
150 Tablet/s$124$0.82

Cenforce – the ultimate Sildenafil generic drug for curing erectile dysfunction

Cenforce is an effective Indian pharmaceutical drug comprised of Generic Sildenafil Citrate as the main constituent. It works effectively like Viagra to circulate the blood flow in the male reproductive region.

It is composed of a PDE type-5 inhibitor known as Sildenafil citrate. Because of this main therapeutic fragment, it displays pleasing pharmacological properties. Massive satisfaction of females during intercourse is also seen along with reliable and robust erection. Moreover, it is also scientifically proven to balance pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). It has evolved as an effective alternative to Viagra at an economical rate. It can be taken as one pill a day for maintaining the erection issues and enjoying the s*xual life without the intake of Viagra and through surgery.

General information

Impotence or erectile dysfunction inhibits the reproductive capability of men. Under this dysfunction, the erection or development of p*nis stops during sexual activity. It creates complications in a relationship or leads to the downfall of self-image.

Erectile dysfunction can affect men for two reasons, psychological and physiological. 80% of cases of impotence are reported because of physiological reasons, which include lack of libido, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and neurological problems like hypogonadism and drug side effects. Whereas, psychological causes include depression, stress, finding a partner unattractive, and infidelity.

Impotence due to psychological reasons has been seen only in 10% of the reported cases. S*xual potency drives the emotional condition in many conditions. An emotional condition for s*x is developed generally in a person having decent s*xual strength. The psychological condition declines for s*xual intercourse after the degeneracy in s*xual potency and vice-versa.

How does Cenforce work?

The impotence or erectile dysfunction is seen in people because of a lack of a neurotransmitter, i.e., cGMP. This neurotransmitter helps transfer s*xual messages from the brain to the p*nis and vice-versa. It is essential for pleasure by the release of the hormone in the brain.

The Sildenafil Citrate in This Medicine plays a significant role in the blood supply in the male reproductive parts. The PDE-5 enzyme present in that compound vasodilates the blood vessels of genital organs leading to an increase in blood flow to the p*nis. It has been helpful in the election of the p*nis for a long time. In this way, this medicine plays a crucial role in the simulation of the blood vessels of the p*nis. It acts as an inhibitor of the PDE-5 enzyme, and thus, it helps generate sexual pleasure in erectile dysfunction.

Quick beneficial facts about Suhagra

Which is an effective drug for treating impotence in men owing to these given reasons.

  • Quick action: It is directed to consume the drug 30 minutes before the s*xual intercourse. One can take the pill one hour before the intimate activities for better satisfaction. It starts showing the effect only after 15 minutes of consuming it.
  • Diverse fact: It does not only work for the more prolonged erection of the p*nis but is also helpful in gaining more sexual joy and satisfaction. It is taken for the fulfillment of the female partner as well.
  • Efficient: The pill should be taken in a day. One can enjoy sexual intimacy until 4 to 6 hours after receiving the drug. The power of the medicine persists for 4 hours very effectively.
  • Prevent ED: This is taken not only to cure impotence but also to prevent it. People can take it under a doctor’s prescription to avoid erectile dysfunction in the future.
  • No effect on the partner: The intake of Cenforce does not create any issue or problem with the sexual intercourse of the female partner. The female enjoys the s*xual session if her male partner has taken this.
  • Availability: It can be easily bought from any medical store near you.
  • Affordability: This medicine is much more economical than Viagra. It does not require any doctor’s prescription to buy it. It is cheaper than any other drug with a similar effect.

Permissible Dosage Of Cenforce

Centurion Laboratories introduced Medicine. It was developed to cure erectile dysfunction, prevent impotence, and for the more extensive restoration of the erection of the p*nis.

Cenforce Tablets come with different dosages to treat various cases. It is an excellent composition of drug components for good erection of p*nis with underlying s*xual stamina.

Cenforce Family: Cenforce FM 100 MG, Cenforce 150 Mg, Cenforce Soft, Cenforce 200, Cenforce 50 MG, Cenforce 120 MG, Cenforce D, Cenforce 25 Mg, Cenforce Professional

The dosage of taking the Cenforce pill may vary as per the case of the patients. It is better to accept recommendations from a doctor to maintain sexual health and avoid side effects.

The deciding factors for the permissible level

As many dosages are available in Medicine, people are more likely to know the appropriate and best dosage. For this, you can look through your medical history and decide accordingly.

  • New user: If you have never used any Viagra or such drug before, then you should start with Cenforce 25 Mg or Cenforce Soft. Not more than 100mg is healthy to take in a day until and unless it is prescribed by the doctor or the patient has a significant weight.
  • Existing user: If your last experience of taking this medicine has not worked to cure erectile dysfunction, then you can increase the dosage to Cenforce 50 Mg or Cenforce 120 mg.
  • Medical background: If you are under any remedial influence, then you should consult your doctor before taking any drug for simulation. The dosage should be to balance the drug and its cross-effect in the body.
  • Frequent s*x lover: This medicine is not developed to be taken regularly for multiple s*xual sessions in a day. You must avoid it taking frequently or more than once a day.

The patients should responsibly look at the following factors.

  1. Why do they need this drug?
  2. Their age and weight.
  3. What’s their medical condition?
  4. Their characteristics of the body.
  5. The extent to which erectile dysfunction has impacted their sexual lives.

Precautions while taking Cenforce

Viagra consists of Sildenafil Citrate like Cenforce Viagra. So, precautions should be taken while taking Medicine for the treatment of s*xual problems.

Sildenafil was initially used to control the blood pressure. It is useful in increasing the blood flow in the heart muscles and lower blood pressure. However, its effect is managed to balance the blood flow in the male reproductive system.  However, some hypertensive properties are shown by it leading to heart attack, plastic in duration, the abnormal physical reaction of Sildenafil, and carcinogenic collapse with slight negotiation. So, a set of precautions should be taken to avoid the drug reaction negatively.

It is advised to take Medicine after consulting a specialist and follow the dosage as prescribed.

You should avoid taking Cenforce in the following conditions.

  • Alcohol and Tablets should not be taken together. If you are drunk, you must not take this tablet to treat ED.
  • It is not advised to consume this medicine by a person under 18 years and over 70 years.
  • If the patient is already undergoing any medical treatment, especially related to blood pressure, he must not take tablets.
  • If the patient has had an attack or stroke in the past half a year, this medicine is not recommended for him.
  • A person with a p*nis deformity should not consume Cenforce pills
  • The person must check the active substance of this medicine against his body.

How to admit Cenforce into the system?

You must consider some points before taking Pills.

  • Drink plenty of water with the tablet.
  • Never break or chew the tablet.
  • Don’t take the pill in powder form.
  • Don’t dissolve the tablet into the water to take in liquid form.

How to take a Cenforce tablet?

  1. Splitting of the tablet can be risky.
  2. Take the tablet with a glass of water one hour before the s*xual session. Swallow the pill with water. Don’t break it to reduce the dosage.
  3. Read the leaflet to learn more about its usage.
  4. Don’t eat more fatty or heavy food before taking This tablet.

Side effects of Cenforce

Sildenafil cenforce is a fully medicated drug to cure erectile dysfunction. However, there are some side-effects which can be seen if not taken with proper care.

The common side effects of this tablet are heavy eyes, upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, stuffy nose, flushing, mood changes, headache, nosebleeds, vision disturbances, etc.

Some adversaries are rarely seen after taking Pills. Sometimes, the erection does not go even after 6 hours. Moreover, the loss of sight and loss of hearing for some time is also reported as a side-effect of the medicine. You must consult your doctor about any of these mentioned side effects.

Things to remember

  1. This medication should not be taken by someone who already has medical history.
  2. It is not appropriate for patients with heart and low blood circulation.
  3. Cenforce Soft, Cenforce FM 10 Mg, and Cenforce Professional are advanced-level tablets. It is taken for specialized treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  4. It is not meant to be taken by women, kids, and men above 60 years.
  5. Avoid smoking, drinking, and eating fatty foods before taking Cenforce Tablets.
  6. Check out the leaflet to know more about the tablet.
  7. Consult a specialist before taking the pills.
  8. Check the date of expiry before buying the tablets.
  9. Don’t buy the tablets from an unrecognized place or shop.
  10. Take only one pill in a day. Cenforce 100 is the limit in 24 hours to avoid any serious issues.

Cenforce is developed with controlled methods to minimize the side effects. Buy Cenforce online from Medypharmacy.com as a low-cost drug to make your s*x life sensational and satisfying.

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Sildenafil Citrate


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Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Cenforce

  1. Frank Joiner

    this Product was very good. Medypharmacy.com store product provides me with high quality and excellent service. Also, offer low cost and fast delivery.

  2. Sonja Mills

    This company has a staff of consummate professionals. A great buying experience! My entire family and all our friends use medypharmacy!

  3. Kim Bramlett

    I’ve been taking Cenforce for a very long time, and so far, so good. Order tracking was quite simple. Furthermore, the packaging was excellent.

  4. Marcellus Bell

    Cenforce Tablet is a medication. I’ve been using it for quite some time. This drug has helped me a lot. I was able to make my wife happy because of the influence of this medication.

  5. Charlotte Badger

    I’ve been purchasing medications from Medypharmacy.com pharmacy for a long time. This pharmacy provides excellent service, and the prices for its products are very cheap. I soon overcame my eating disorder.

  6. Teresa Bates

    I take Cenforce Tablet, and after taking it, I get a complete erection. I’ll place another order on this website.

  7. Tamatha Olsen

    “I’ve been taking Cenforce pills for the past 15 days. My life partner and I have amazing sex! I enjoy more sex with my amorous wife than ever before thanks to medication. I’ll be ordering from this company again soon.

  8. Marie Partain

    I looked at the erectile dysfunction medication that is accessible online at medypharmacy.com because I am 34 years old and have trouble with erectile dysfunction during sexual activity. Online, I buy Cenforce tablet. And after taking this medication for a few days, I saw incredible benefits!

  9. Everett Jones

    Cenforce has been in use for a very long time. My spouse is overjoyed that we can engage in prolonged sexual activity together.

  10. Joelle Martinez

    I looked at the erectile dysfunction medication that is accessible online at medypharmacy.com because I am 34 years old and have trouble with erectile dysfunction during sexual activity. Online, I buy Cenforcce. And after taking this medication for a few days, I saw incredible benefits!

  11. Jonell Hurdle

    For the first time, I took Cenforce tablet! I’m capable of heavy lifting today. I would highly suggest this tablet if you are troubled by sexual issues.

  12. James Campbell

    I am pleased with using Cenforce because I had good results with my first use of medication for erectile dysfunction.

  13. Julia Stewart

    I have been using Cenforce pills for a long time, and I love it. I have been a loyal customer since they provide great customer care. They process orders fast. It’s fantastic!

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