about us

Medypharmacy.com is a professionally managed generic drugs distributor, supplying generic drugs and formulations to patients all over the world. We provide great-value generics, without ever compromising on high quality. The products we provide are manufactured by leading pharmaceutical companies like:

  • Abbott Pharma
  • Glenmark Pharma
  • Intas Pharma
  • Cipla Pharma
  • Sun Pharma
  • Reddy’s Lab
  • Lupin Ltd.
  • Unichem Pharma

Medypharmacy.com is a web-based distributor of generic medicine, headed by a certified pharmacist. This helps us make sure that the medicine we supply are not just cheap, but additionally conform to good requirements of manufacturing and high quality management. Most medicines on this website require a prescription from a licensed Physician.

It is common to question the security of websites nowadays with all of the scams and duplicate sites found online, but with Medypharmacy.com you never have to worry about your personal information getting in the wrong hands. We utilize the full certifications from Alpha SSL and Sucuri Security as the gold standard for all of our internet placed orders.

All shopping cart pages on www.Medypharmacy.com are secured by a current SSL Certificate. Your security is the number one concern with this company. We want to make sure you’re completely protected while shopping on our website.

At MedyPharmacy, you get high-quality products because we intentionally work with intelligent direction to ensure that every drug and order is made and processed with sincere efforts and skillful execution. We focus on quality to not only enrich your life, but we want you to be happy and have better tomorrows!

Stop worrying about ‘less than desirable’ prices or poor quality when it comes to the medication you are putting into your body because you are able to depend on the outstanding and exceptional quality products we have that are of the utmost in Quality Global Standards. Our commitment towards the community and vision of long-term success in giving people comfort and joy in their daily lives drives us further every day towards doing everything we can to enrich the lives of our consumers.